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Belly Binding, Worthy of You

 For generations in Traditional Zulu culture, belly binding after giving birth is a fundamental and key component of postpartum healing for new mothers and is performed by close family members. The first intent is to relax the mother. She is treated to a calming facial and craniosacral massage. Next using a traditional piece of cloth, her body is gently elongated, releasing those muscles that worked so hard to bring baby here. Lastly, she is ask to engage those muscles, and they are bound tightly in place.

Breathe and Relax.

Breathe and Relax.

Gently Pull and Stretch The Muscles.

Gently Pull and Stretch The Muscles.

And Lastly, Wrap You Up Nice and Tight.

And Lastly, Wrap You Up Nice and Tight.

This service is offered as soon as 3 days postpartum for vaginal births and 6 days postpartum for cesarean births. The session takes about 1 hour and will need to be redone every 3-4 days there after for as long as the mother wishes. Having someone on hand to watch and learn the binding process is advisable. This support person can redo the binding for you or, of course, you can invite me back. 

Postpartum Belly Binding can

  • Help Relieve Fluid Retention

  • Assist the Mother in Strengthening Abdominal and Back Muscles

  • Speed Recovery Time by Fortifying the Mother's Core Muscles

  • Provides a Sense of Security, Kind of Like a Constant Hug!

  • You will also receive a 5 yard long piece of fabric that can later be used as a baby wrap!

The cost of this service is $100.

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